Design Solutions Portfolio

At Verena we pride ourselves on not just creating interesting products but also solving problems and working within the constraints of our clients.  Below are a few examples of our work on all three.

Haas Alert.png

HAAS Alert - EMT Communication

HAAS Alert came to us for help identifying a waterproof off-the-shelf housing that could be easily modifiable in-house. We worked with them to understand the full need and scope of their PCB system and came up with a solution that was both robust and aesthetically pleasing while saving them money by using off-the-shelf parts.


Mouthwatch - IO Camera

Mouthwatch came to us for help designing a new, state-of-the-art IA camera system for their product line. We worked with their team to identify their internal goals and provide new designs that would help expand their brand.


BD/BARD - Optifix Fixation System

BD came to us for assistance with development of the mechanical function of their Optifix system. Verena worked with the BD team to test and overcome a number of hurdles to allow for a more stable, long-term system.