How It Works

Thank you for choosing SimpleCAP!

Below are instructions to help you become familiar with SimpleCAP.

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the basic terms, usage, and troubleshooting techniques.




usage - Start to Finish

This video gives an overview of the assembly of the product, how it works during operation and the proper disposal method.

We'll reference the function of the various parts of SimpleCAP including:

  • Sheath - clear tube that protects needle

  • Hub - colored system that holds the needle

  • Capsules - colored packaging the SimpleCAP comes in

  • Locks - open gaps in sheath where pins sit between injections

  • Channel - slots that run length of sheath

  • Pins - thin plastic tabs that ride inside of the channels and locks


As easy as SimpleCAP is to master, problems can still arise.

This video is designed to cover the most common form of misuse and how to handle that situation.  SimpleCAP is designed assuming the user has decades of learned behavior to overcome and still be used safely.


Current systems have many deficiencies that contribute to unsafe operation, cumbersome procedures and general frustration.

This video will cover some (but not all) of the deficiencies that SimpleCAP specifically addresses and corrects.



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