Contract Design and Go-To-Market Assistance


Whether you have an initial design, idea, or patented work, Verena Solutions

can help you get through a working Prototype and into the manufacturing/licensing stage. 

We work on any kind of electrICAL/mechanical application but we

focus specifically on our core competency - Dental and Medical systems.

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Design and Prototyping

We can take any design, from on the back of a napkin to a structured set of requirements, and bring it to through industrial design and into the prototype phase.  We specifically design for manufacturability and specialize on dental and medical products.

Manufacturing Assistance and Analysis

Taking a prototype through to manufacturing can be daunting - projecting costs for tooling, labor, and assembly steps can vary greatly.  Verena Solutions has experience with both electronics and mechanical manufacturing, using both hand assembly and automation design. 

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Marketing and Sales Plans

It's one thing to have a great product and something else entirely to understand the market and how to effectively sell it.  Verena Solutions has 25 years of sales and marketing experience in the engineer and medical markets to help you effectively get your product into your client's hands.

Licensing and Private Labeling

Sometimes the best way to get a product into the marketplace is to allow a more established company to take the reigns.  Verena can help with  this by efficiently structuring licensing deals and using our network to seek out viable partner companies.