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Less Pain - Better outcomes

The worst part of the needle is - the needle.  Verena solutions realized that the current system wears quickly and can create pain for the patient creating a poor situation for everyone.  Using a proprietary new coating, we aim to eliminate both.


Thin Film Metallic Glass

Our SimpleCAP with EverySharp needle system uses a proprietary Amorphous Thin Film Metallic Glass-alloy (TFMG) coating that is both much stronger AND more flexible than what is currently available.  Unlike most metals (which are Crystalline and prone to fracturing) Amorphous materials are much more elastic and resilient.  This makes SimpleCAP longer-lasting, less damaging and less painful for the patient. 

Verena Thin Film Metallic Glass Coating properties

Verena Thin Film Metallic Glass Coating properties

Amorphous material (left) vs. Crystalline (right)

Amorphous material (left) vs. Crystalline (right)

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Less Drag

Our amorphous-metal coating smooths out the needle imperfections and lowers the coefficient of friction.  While the patient is numb, our coating specifically reduces pressure.

SimpleCAP retains a frictionless coating through 40 insertions (tested), eliminating further tearing and wear on both the needle and tissue.  Since current needles don't retain a coating after they're inserted, they tend to 'tear' at the tissue which then sticks to body.  Every additional injection tears more tissue, furthuring the problem.



Longer Lasting

Our system lasts significantly longer than current products on the market since the SimpleCAP coating doesn't wear away and it creates a smooth but strong surface across the entire needle . 

Right now textbooks recommend no more than 3 injections with any needle before disposal but this is due to softness of the metal used - they just don't last very long.  Our proprietary coating corrects this problem by hardening the surface, thereby decreasing needle waste and tissue damage caused by needles wearing away.


Less Damage

The SimpleCAP coating is specifically designed to reduce hole size and long-term damage from injections.  Due to the smoother surface and lack of dulling/friction, SimpleCAP drastically decreases the puncture diameter as well as the micro-abrasions along the path of the needle within the gingiva.  

SimpleCAP also promotes faster healing due to the smooth nature of the channel that it cuts, as opposed to traditional needle systems.  The results of this in a needle that is designed to improve both patient comfort and short-term patient outcomes.